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2016 Room 19 Activities

Harmony Day

A lot of people got dressed up for our Harmony Day picnic celebrating cultural diversity at RPS.


Fundraising for Juhudi


We make and sell lemonade for a donation to Juhudi, our sister school in Tanzania. In 2016 we sent them over $2 000 to assist with improving conditions for teaching and learning at their school. We learn about teamwork, handling money and systems.


Scietech CSIRO Lab

Room 19 visited the Scitech CSIRO lab and created an investigation in petri dishes.


Mining Industry

Mr Kenny was a special guest speaker who told us a lot about the mining industry. He brought in rock samples and everyone had a chance to locate core samples of marble cake showing how scientists decide upon where to drill and mine the ore.


Faith was so excited to be selected by Peter Combe when he performed at our school.

Personality of the Week

POW is an opportunity to present information about ourselves, enabling classmates to find out about talents and  interests beyond the classroom.


Science Week

Students dressed up as Einstein scientists to present their investigation to the Year 1s during Science Week.


Sherwin Lodge

We visited the local senior citizens, sang songs, interacted with them and read them books we had written and illustrated ourselves.


Class Excursion

Our visit to the State Library included a walk through Northbridge where we spotted six of the installation art cows throughout the city.


Class Assembly

Our assembly showcased what we had been learning about in our class.